Embroidery Fonts

For adding names to shirts, blankets, towels, and anything fabric, please choose from the fonts listed below. If you would like to create a monogram, they can be created from the fonts below or you can view special monogram fonts from the link on the right. You will need an Adobe Reader to view the pdf file. To select thread colors, please view the thread chart pdf also to the right. The highlighted colors we have available immediately. If you would like a color we do not have in stock we can order it for you, but there will be a charge of $5.00.

When choosing a font, please let us know the name and what color you would like. Each font name is written out below in the font. For example the word "Diana" below shows you what the Diana font looks like. In the monogram pdf, each name is written out on the side of the page, for example Mono3.

When adding dates to embroidered items, please be aware that some fonts may not have number characters associated with them.

Embroidery Fonts

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Thread Colors (PDF file)

Monogram Fonts (PDF file)