Photo Etching

This special gift makes a keepsake out of any photograph. Keep your favorite image from being torn, faded or destroyed. It makes a wonderful holiday ornament or gift. Works well with old black and white images as well as modern color images. If you would like to create one from a digital file, please make sure that the image is high resolution or a large size. Small pixelated images do not create a nice smooth image.Photo etched ornament

The photo image is created on clear glass and is placed in a picture frame with a dark backing such as blue or black. These images can also be etched on dark marble plaques which make a beautiful image. The sample image to the right was created form an old 2" x 3" wedding photograph and etched as a 5" x 7" photograph. The ornament is 3" round. More modern photographs, such as digital, may not be as detailed as older photographs and thus it is better to have a larger image available to ensure good image quality.

This process can also be used to create commemorative plates for such occasions as graduations, birthdays, new babies and sweet 16 parties. Any memorable occasion you can think of can be used to create a plaque or plate for your wall.

Photograph 2x3"

Wedding Photograph

Etched Wedding Photo 5X7"

Etched Wedding Photograph